the amazing adventure!

February 13th, 2019 | Posted by Charlie in Homework

The holidays were quickly coming to an end so Joe was very pleased when his Mum had given him some money to go to the cinema. In fact he was so exited that he had gone straight there. Happily he was so exited he did not know what to watch.” Um..” was all he could mutter when asked by the ticket office as what to watch. “Well in that case have this ticket”, replied the ticket officer,looking rather pleased with himself. “This ticket is magic”, all you have to do is imagine is what adventure you  would like to watch and it will unfold before your eyes. Joe sat in his seat and as the film started he could feel himself slowly being dragged into the screen. He found himself in a rain forest in south america and it was really really big. At first he could see a lion and he was scared and he ran away. He found a cave and he took cover. He fell asleep and he was in a bears cave.

The next day, he saw the bear and he went screaming off he found some bamboo and a shovel he decided to build a house so he started to dig. He placed the bamboo for the stairs and the floor. He found a abandoned bed he thought someone else lived there!. But they still lived there now!. When he got there he set the bed and he found a lake he went for a swim for a hour.

The next day, he was in a mansion on top of the cliff The old man lived there and he said what are you doing here?. Joe was confused Joe said dunno. The old man said what do you mean dunno. He said live with me will you he said yes. And then the old man grabbed him he woke up in his bed it was just a dream his Mum shouted at him he was late for school she said. He told his Mum the dream and she did not care but he was just confused?.

The End!

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