the busy bee

May 5th, 2017 | Posted by Lucy in Learning

Once  aopne a time there was busy bee flying  aound  a school . A  theer  girls Ruby and Lucy Hattie and  the werst boy in school called  reggie and the bee was called zak .he   cletied   polen  and he got kicked out of his house and was a lone  .  the next day he was siting on a rose with a wermon and talked to the wermon . he found a human siting on a bench and said hoell  to him after a weeck  he  killed him and was  . mum is a noid  by the hunman and stanig him . the family was sad so they all saing him . thew mum tried to kill him .


the next day the boy came out in  a rash and the bee saning him aing and aing and aing and evrey day and , a rash evrewy day his mum tried to kill him . they didten like it and the dad got stang



the  end not the yet and too be coint inyod not yet ok


they all got stang

the end

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