The Cave

November 24th, 2017 | Posted by Cameron in Homework

Many moons ago, there was a dwarf wizard call ‘ Wizzy’. One stormy night he had a dream that a man talked to him – Wizzy you must go on a quest to stop the giant Gobsnot who destroys will destroy your peoples home and rob all your valuables.

Wizzy announced to his friends he was to go on a dangerous quest to save his people from Gobsnot. He asked for volunteers to join him, the only person to raise there hand was Gibby.  Gibby carried a wizards staff with a crow feather in his hair to make himself look mysterious. But is didn’t work it looked odd! Lizzy was very glad he had a friend to join him.

Gobsnot lived not too far away, at the top of Gobsnot mountain. The mountain disappeared into the gloomy mist of the clouds. When they had journeyed for a day, they arrived at the base of the mountain.  Wizzy clicked his figures and whispered a wizardy phrase … ‘blah, blah, blah’, and a mountain lion appeared.  They both climbed on the lion and it sped off, with Wizzy and Gibby grasping at its fur. After sometime there arrived at the top of Gobsnot mountain.  They saw a sign warning ‘ I will get you’.

At the entrance of the cave was a wooden door with stones surrounding it so no one or thing could climb over it.  It took great power to open the door, but once they had, a voiced boomed..’ get out, didn’t you see the sign?’

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  • Mr Bennett says:

    Cameron – what a fantastic story. I love your descriptions and your brilliant use of the verb ‘grasping’. I would love to read what happens when they walked through the door!

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