The Chicken To The Rescue

May 26th, 2017 | Posted by Ana in Learning


The Chicken To The Rescue


One day while I was feeding my chicken (Grace) a awful thing happened!!!!!!!!!!


I ran inside, the cold air was around me as I walked in!! Know one or thing was in the kitchen apart from dust, sadness and my chicken and me.” What has happened!” Cried India (That is her name). “I need to help my Mother” I told myself. “But what can I do to help,” I asked my chicken.” Bra bra bra,” clucked Grace. India hugged her chicken tight.”I am not letting go of you as well.” India said kissing Grace on the head.


A few hours later, I had thought what I could do to help my Mum! “I can track them down with my magnifying glass!” I told my chicken. While I made my super I packed a few things to take with me on my journey. I gave my chicken some food and then packed some in my bag.


I was in the middle of eating a snack in the woods when I heard a scream! I followed my chicken to where the scream had come from. I found my Mum because of my chicken!!!



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