The Christmas breakdown

December 10th, 2018 | Posted by Aarron in Homework | Learning

One Christmas eve Santa clause was sleeping happily and then an elf woke him up. Santa said”what`s the matter”  the elf said” you’ve over slept”  “oh no” said Santa. Santa quickly got the reindeer out of there pen and said” hurry up hurry up” then they flew like the wind dancer prancer  vixen  comet  Rudolph faster” Santa said they all went as fast as they could.

the first house looked very mysterious Santa said “stop” very loudly. it was a big white house with lots of patterns. in the house lived a little old man called Mr grange. Mr grange liked Christmas because he got to see his family and got something he liked. when Santa got on the roof he ungracefully climbed down the chimney however he got stuck. Santa tried and tried to get down the chimney but no matter how hard he tried he could not get out. Mr grange heard a banging noise down the stairs so he went down. he looked everywhere but couldn’t find anything finally he looked up the chimney and saw a man. Mr grange said ” hey what are you doing in my chimney” Santa said” ho ho ho can you help me” yes” said Mr grange I will help you Mr grange tugged on his legs and finally got him out “thank you” said Santa. the next morning Mr grange looked at his presents Santa had got him some lights and a big Christmas tree. 

next year me grange put the lights and the tree up and was very happy.



                                                                    THE END    


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