The cockerel who thought the days would stop/ The pineapple and the kitchen grill

March 26th, 2019 | Posted by Eleanor in 100wc | Learning

cockadoodle doo oh hi I’m cockerel and I was so cross that morning came again. I was curtain it wouldn’t come but IT DID! Now I must have my chicks… oh they’ve hatched “dada, DADA”! quick

run away doo doo doo do do 

run away doo doo doo do do


Mean while in the kitchen window a pineapple called Dave was trying to hop over the kitchen grill!! In the corner of his eye he could spy Jeff the pineapple bully “HA HA HA!” Jeff stomped over when Bang!!! Jeff was burnt to crisp “hooray!” said Dave.

The End

by Eleanor and Charlie

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