The Creature

February 6th, 2018 | Posted by Cameron in Learning

Once they had travelled for about 40 minutes they came to a forest. The trees were talk and dark and looked like they were able to come alive. Suddenly a long arrow hit the tree next to them. Steve looked aghast shouting
‘What shall we do?’.
‘Run’ yelled Steven.
They both ran as fast as they could, panting aloud at every breath. Tragically, Steven tripped on a branch, Steve helped him up. They both looked up at the murky trees. They saw a little shadow, dark as night, bouncing though the trees following them. As if like magic, the figure appeared in front of them. Its body was monster like ad four tentacles units back, 6 hands and a sharp bow made of ben in his hands.
What are you doing? ordered Steven.
The monster responded in a high pitched voice ‘ I am here because you have attacked one if my subject’.
‘Who have we attacked’ queried Steve.
‘I am the King of creatures with 6 hands and you have squished a friend of mine and I am here to avenge him.’ crocked the creature.
Both boys looked horrified.

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