The DNA transplant (Part 2)

March 12th, 2019 | Posted by Heath in 100wc | Learning

Boss- Well did anyone hear the narrator?


Blue chicken- BWARKARR!

Boss- Scram ME!

Army- What E doing runnin’ on dat private property? Lets get em boys!

Boss- What the army chasing me? What is happening.

Narrator- He made his way to the airport!

Aircraft passenger- AH! Why is that crazy man taking my briefcase?


Aircraft passenger- 999! 999! I need the FPI!

FPI- Open up it’s the FPI!


Worker-First successful creation of a T-rex!

Boss- Don’t put it down in h… Too late!

T-rex – AARRRR!

Blackbeard – Curse me nibbles a pirate called me to stop a scallywag!

Boss- Now Blackbeard he should of gone a long time ago!

Blackbeard- No I’m not Black-beard I’m Blackish-beard.

King- I’ve came to arrest this man!

Boss- I only kept my money to… OH!

Army- FIRE!

Hitler- What? Really a man trying to rob another man!

Army- Gosh! Really?

Hitler-Oh yes!

Army-Oh no!

Hitler- OH YES…

Army-Oh yes!

Hitler-Oh no!

Mini maker- CARS 2! I love CARS 2!

(More to come…)

By Heath!



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