The Door….. part 2

November 9th, 2018 | Posted by Daisy in Learning

(Lizzie wakes up in the strange house she was in a room on a bed its all grey and dusty she couldn’t see very well it was all black but she could just make out a door she walked through and pushed open the door)

Lizzie:Were in the world am i?

(She explores and finds another door it was all red inside a tunnel leading to a….MAZE!!!)

Lizzie: Woah were am i its so diffrent wait a maze i’m terrible at mazes lets hope this works!!

(She hear some panting noises she walks closer to the noise when she sees a girl she sits there sweating and panting)

Lizzie:Um hello are you ok?

Megan:Hello i’m Megan i got lost here two years ago why are you here?

Lizzie:I got pulled in by this weird old man i told him i was going home but he pulled me in any way!

Megan:I know i did the same

Lizzie:Wait are you that girl who went missing because you walked up this street and you got pulled in?

Megan:yes i am i got trapped in this maze its full of dangers trap and the old man at the end another girl named Lily entered and found the end but this happened!!

(Megan shows Lizzie the left overs of Lily)

Lizzie:That is terrible!!!

Megan:i know the old man ate her skin which is pretty gross.

Lizzie:We need a plan to get out of here.

Megan:I know were to go but the traps are ever so difficult you can’t get through.

Lizzie:We have to try come on!

(The girls walk through the maze the first trap is spike floor)

Megan:See impossible

Lizzie:Not really if you can’t go forward go over the top

Megan:How its impossible

Lizzie:Its not really i have four plumers we can attach them to our feet and walk on the sealing!!

(The girls attach the plumers to there feet they walk on the walls onto the sealing they walk across and jump onto the ground.)

Lizzie:See easy

Megan: i never knew hey i never caught your name what is it

Lizzie:Oh yeah i’m Lizzie.

Megan:You remind me of my sister

Lizzie:Aww thanks

(Next trap is swirly sky)

Megan:whats your idea now?

Lizzie i don’t know wait i got it we use the plumers to walk through

Megan:you are smart!!

(They use the plumers and walk through the tornadoes)

Lizzie and Megan together:We did it!!!

(They hear sobbing from around the corner)

Megan:Whats that?

Lizzie:I don’t know lets go check it out.

(The girls look around the corner to see another girl)

Lizzie:Are you ok?

Megan:Its ok were stuck here to

(The girl looks up)

Daisy:Hi i’m Daisy I have been here for three years

Lizzie:Let me guess you got pulled in by the old man?


Megan:I’m Megan and this is Lizzie

Lizzie:you can come with us if you want

Daisy:yes please i would do anything to get out of here

Megan: ok lets go

(The girls race to the end to be face to face with the old man…..)

TO BE CONTINUED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

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