The fake meteoroid on amber Island /homwork

September 18th, 2017 | Posted by Isobel in Learning

Once there was a island that was home to thousands of people. Everyone was happy their hearts were filled with love. Until one day a lovely person came giving everybody gifts but all the people didn’t see love or kindness in that one person. She got upset and she decided to turn a little bit mean and still everybody didn’t  respect her. So she  turned fully evil and spent five whole years thinking of a plan to destroy the the island. Finally she came up with a plan to send a fake meteoroid up in the air so it would come back down and so the people would be in so much shock they would obey her. Six months later she sent it up ! An hour later.

“Quick sail away or we’ll get  hit'”


“Nooooooo! I didn’t want everybody to die, I Just wanted them to like me.”

She went back on to the island and found an amber diamond. She decided  to bury it in love of the people. Thirty years later she died no one knew there was a super villain  raising his evil plans under the ground. His name was ‘the shadow of the black death’…… know one knows and no-one will……




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