The Galaxy Lynx (Part 1of 2)

March 12th, 2019 | Posted by Megan in 100wc | Learning

Chapter 1 : The galaxy lynx and the Marshmallow

The Lynx is an important character in our story because it new how and what a galaxy was.  He was a defender of the galaxy and if anyone got in his way there would be trouble.when they looked in a box it was empty.What a surprise! He looked up and saw someone took his cat-nip the Lynx told his slaves to catch him or her.

Chapter 2 We found him/her.

They found him and took the cat-nip of him.” Rrrr I want cat-nip give me cat-nip now,”he said.” You don’t want me getting mad.”Said the Lynx.

(More to come)

By Megan


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