The glowing waterfall (description)

December 11th, 2015 | Posted by Georgina in Learning

    Legend has it that a green,shimmering,glowing waterfall was in the amazing Amazon rainforest.No one in the entire universe has ever found the weird however also pretty waterfall, nobody in the world could imagine this wonderful waterfall. Scientist’s have searched all around the world to prove it was real ,sadly they never found it, but soon that will all change.

                                                      100 years later

“mum mum muuuuumm!”screamed the two girl twins in anger.”what girls!”replied their mum (Oops sorry I’ve forgot to tell you about Lauren and Sophie. Lauren is very bossy,annoying and very selfish nevertheless Sophie is kind,brave and courageos. Now back to the story)”nothing!”answered Lauren.

The next sunny,blazing day,they were strolling through the park when suddenly WHOOSH!They were transfered into a glowing,green,shimmering waterfall.”LAUREN LAUREN LAUREN”shouted Sophie in excitement.

“what is it Sophie.”replied Lauren angrily.

“it’s the glowing lake!”

“like I care the only thing I am worried about is how are we going to get back?…” 

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