the gold hunt

November 14th, 2017 | Posted by Angus in 100wc

Angus:lets hide the gold!!

Jessica:but where would we hide it all!!

Angus:in our cave!!

Jessica:what cave!!

Angus:we live together you should now by now!!

Jessica:oh yea.

Angus: now lets do this what car do you want to go in!!


Jessica:not sure.

Angus:lets go in the buggy then.

Jessica sigh!!

Angus:lets go right now!!!

Jessica:ok lets go your the best!!

Angus:ok get in the car then hurry up please!!

Jessica: im in the car you can go no please go fast we dont want mum to find out!!!

Angus:hurry up now go go go go go go!!

Jessica:Go start the engine go go!!

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