the gorillas that built a house

November 13th, 2018 | Posted by Millicent in 100wc

Once upon a time there was a pretty gorilla called Jeffery who loved building and his friend his  was called Gergon. Gergon  and Jeffery were running a building buisness. One day, they decided to build a house and the bricks would be coloured in yellow in honer of their favourite food bananas!!!! Finally, the new house looked perfect when all of a sudden a red car came up the lane they were building on a big gorilla came out looking cool with his pitch black sunglasses on and his navey blue cap on that read trouble maker on it. “Hi what are you doing? My name is Dave were the buisness partners. “Look the zookeepers! They’re going to get us!” Screamed the gorillas.The gorillas had escaped the zoo and were on the run. “Hopefully they wont catch us.” Said Jeffery trembling. Is this house built of bricks? Jeffery was wrong the zookeepers did catch them and put them all back in their enclosures!

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