The Haunted Barn

July 2nd, 2018 | Posted by Megan in Learning

Once there was a haunted barn in the middle of East Sussex where a small ghost who loved playing tricks on people especially a young boy in his late teens who’s name was Freddie.  He walked into the barn each day to feed the impatient horses their usual batch of hay and juicy carrots however on his way out he always got ambushed by the jokes-crazy ghost.  Once Freddie actually dropped the horses’ food through the roof of the old barn to stop the ghost from pelting him with tricks of every kind from exploding carrots to energetic horse hair. The ghost was a real joke man because of his parents who joined the circus when they were both 21 and became famous.  One day, the ghost fled from the barn in a state of complete madness and went off to join the circus himself.  Freddie felt amazingly happy after that.

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