The Hobbit that sets obstacles

November 27th, 2017 | Posted by Oscar in Learning

One day there was a boy called Rex and he keeps on seeing a black thing that always sets obstacles for him.When he gets up from bed he sees tape between the doors and he always has to cut it with a stone because his mom doesn’t let him have a knife or a drill.After a while he descoverd that it was a Hobbit .Rex told his mom that he saw a hobbit but as always she didn’t belive him so he just has to deal with it himself.A few hours later he saw him again and he put some fencing on the entrence of the house and this time mom saw so that’s good.They couldn’t get in so they had to live in the garden from now on.But that’s not a problem because Rexe’s dad loves to make dens.So the first step was to dig a big hole so that the house would would be under ground so the Hobbit will not find us.Second step is to dig a deeper hole in the hole for when you need the toilet and then put a toilet base onto it.And then get a hose for a sink and a shower.And then get three beds a tv,food and 1 or 2 sofas.


THE END!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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