The Ice Beach

July 4th, 2017 | Posted by Charlie in Learning

One day, there was a girl called Lottie and today she was going to the beach.  She was really excited to be going because it was a lovely, hot day.  Lottie helped her mummy and daddy get everything ready for their day out.  She even helped make her favourite sandwich which is cheese and marmite. Her Mum went “Yuk! How can you eat that!”  Lottie just smiled and replied “because its yummy”.

The car journey was taking ages.  They were stuck in a big traffic jam that looked like it went on forever.  It was so hot and sticky in the car that Lottie fell asleep.

Suddenly, Lottie woke up because the car had stopped, they had got there.  Lottie ran straight to the sea shore and started to dig a big hole. While she was digging she found a chest.  Excitedly, she slowly opened it and there was a big flash of light!  She was still on the beach but everything had turned to ice and she was all alone.  She started to feel scared! Just then in the snow she saw something shiny and she bent down to see what it was.  It was a Genie lamp.  Nervously, she rubbed it and out popped a big, cold crab. The crab said to Lottie “I can grant you one wish but it has to be a really good wish for it to come true, I will tell you if its going to work or not”.  Lottie thought about wishing for jewellery, a crown or diamonds but then thought of something else amazing.  “Mr Crab, please can you send me home to my family who i love”.  Another flash of light and with a jump Lottie woke up in the car.  It had all been a dream.

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