the jemes

February 9th, 2018 | Posted by Theo in Learning

one day there was a man called jay he liked to explored placie it was so fun and he done a over nitgh challge

at the moment he was eating sweets and they were gummy bars yummmmm so nice i wish my feirnds were

here tired i mit go to bed now it is late then he whent to bed and had a drem about him finding dimonds

with hius feirends we achly found dimonds huryyyyyyy let,s go to school and show are feiends evry one says

yes let,s do it rite now i can not bolev we found dimonds mum was the frest one to see she says OMG are they

for me we say NOOO way there way to breshus mum says i gess so boys no on the nwes a king is looking for

them WE HAVE TO HIED THEM NOW uther wis he is going to be mad we mit as well sho him were they are

no i say they are very breshuss to us we hid them at kfc they said no mcdonulds they said YES of cors as long

as we get to see were they are i say ok let,s do it rite now  then i wokup and i was on a island NOOOOOOOO

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