The lighthouse

July 4th, 2017 | Posted by Sophie in Learning

One dark winter’s night , a girl called Mia who was 11 and a boy called Sam who was 13 snuck out because they were adventurous and also  because they were bored . The two children loved exploring.  Eventually,  they found a bridge with snow and razor sharp icicles underneath and on the legs of the bridge . When they got to the end, they found a large red lighthouse !


Bravely,  Sam opened the door and a smell hit them ( They found it was very unpleasant ). They found it very jolly and also warm so they slept there for the night . Luckily,  it was on the weekend so their parents would come in  to check they were up at 9am . Tired , Mia and Sam walked home without their parents noticing they were gone …


5 years later …


Now Mia is 16 and Sam is 18 . They both got a job for the first time and their jobs are exploring places that have been explored before . They became very famous still  to this day on a planet that is always winter and cold . Every 6 months they went to a different country but every 5 years they went back home to their sister ( older sister) mum and dad . Each time they came home they always went back to the lighthouse for them it was a second home .


                    TO BE CONTINUED !









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