The Magic Jack

September 26th, 2017 | Posted by Ana in 100wc | Learning

One day Ella and her family went to a park. As soon as they had left Ella’s dad just remembered that he had left his phone at their house. So they had to turn around and drive back again.

About an hour later they finally, arrived at the park. To there surprise all they saw was a purple crocodile! They went to ask the profeser but he was a quite difficult person to get hold of.

Soon after that Ella ran into a tree and twisted her ankle. ” What do you think you are doing falling over like that.”asked Jack with a smile on his face…

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  • Ed says:

    Nice writing Ana – there is a really good mix of realistic and fantastic elements. Ella’s dad forgetting his phone is realistic (it might really happen), but coming back and finding a purple crocodile is more fantastic (i.e. it relates to fantasy). I enjoyed reading it. However, who is Jack?

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