The magical castle in the middle of the sea

March 20th, 2018 | Posted by Millicent in Homework

There once lived a queen and she lived in a magical castle. It  was on an island in the  sea which was nice and there was a forest round the corner. Whenever she wanted to she would get her horse Buttercup and ride through the forest. On the top of the castle was a clock, it only chimed when it was midnight or midday.  The only way in and out was across a long curved bridge  over the bobbing  sea. The towers on top of the castle wore pointy witches hats. The queen loved living in her beautiful castle all on her own. The queen liked to paint while the boats were sailing past. In the winter the sea froze. Out from the forest came grizzly bears who skated on the ice with the queen who they would never harm.

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