the missing animal treasure

November 14th, 2017 | Posted by Spike in 100wc | Learning

one day there was a every squirrel in the wold had one misson  to not tell any human a bout the treasure but were would we hide it all the treasure was  gold and lots of the one day there was a human reach in the reason that squirrel dose not want you to steal the gold they was the one who stole are gold no one knows

any more beacuse they are dead and they have a heal machine  so they will never die and we will never get it back and that your bed time story to good night Tommy the end ….












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  • Charlie says:

    I think your story is amazing

    I like the part were you say that the squirrels must not tell any humun about the gold.

    It’s a bit like a secret squirrel conpany.

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