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High above the world lived Ivor the Nature god. He watched upon the trees the animals the plants the sea and yonder. The seas waves lashed out on humans fishing boats, not caring about the life they used to love.


High above the world Hades the War god stayed. His overgrown city underneath him was his place. He sent his men to kill animals, to survive.

No-mans land (SA)

The fish in the sea flurried as the net came down “AGH, Buster! They gotta way! We only caught 2 or three!” Cried the fisherman. “No way mate!” Chuckled Buster as he ran across the ships deck. “AGH!” Cried Buster as he saw little nibbles on ships bottom “Wood-fish!” Cried the Fisherman.

The ship was falling it tipped to one side and never went up. Buster stood there clinging onto the ships rails. “Aye! Gill hang on!” so the Fisherman caught the leg as the ships ‘fish-side’ fell under “AGH! Our beauties!” Cried Gill.

Just in the sky.

Then, Ivor looked at Hades, Hades looked at him… (comment would you think would win).

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