the Ozgood box

March 12th, 2019 | Posted by Charlie Sm in 100wc

There was a alien called Eproch. Eproch’s code name is x , x is   looking for a box named the Ozgood box. It was created by drum roll please….. Ozgood. She was runing from the tall robot KABLAM! the robot fired a lazar at Ozgood and the box in her arms.


these symbols were lifted from the box’s lid and made the same  black  symbols in the sun befor fading; ΣȲδΩ

X clattered to the ground and now was fading into nothing.Ozgood typed the password into the box and it opened. Emptey what a suprize

p.s the password is in red letters across the page!

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  • gary smith says:

    Of course, the password is Clara!!!! 🙂
    Great idea to highlight the letters in red CJ.
    What does Eproch look like, can you describe her??!!

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