The Park Maze

November 9th, 2018 | Posted by Ella in english

Alice: Mum I’m going to the park with Jenn!

Mum: OK! But feed the canarey first.

Alice: Ben,don’t go in my room when I’m gone! ( Feeding the canarey)

Jenn: Are you ready to go? ( Looking through the post box)

Alice: Yes, I’m ready. ( Opening the door)

( The two girl’s walk down the road and to the park )

Jenn: Look! There are lot’s of park’s squished into a maze!

Alice: Cool! Let’s spend the night here and have a camp fire!

Jenn: OK! Let’s go and get our stuff and set up!

( The girls get there stuff and set up. They have a great time.)

Alice: That was amazing!

Jenn: Same time next week?

Alice: Yes!!!

Alice and Jenn: Great!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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