The Park

September 12th, 2017 | Posted by Megan in 100wc | Learning

One day, Lora was walking the park when she heard a rumbling down the end of Sycamore Lane.  She sped up to have a look.  Lora saw the entire forest of Sycamore Lane spread over the entire park.  Then she saw her best friend Katie skipping down behind her.  “Hi Katie, so what lies ahead of this?”asked Lora.  “My home!”replied Katie.  “Oh no!”cried Lora.  “Is it crushed?”she asked.  “No,”said Katie.  “Then lets go to my house to have hot chocolate”suggested Lora.  So they went and had hot chocolate with biscuits at Lora’s house and made a collage of the park…

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  • Mr Rockey says:

    Well done Megan. I really liked the story you have written, particularly the way in which you have used the prompt and a lot of different types of punctuation. I wonder what the collage looked like. What sorts of materials do you think you would use?

  • Ana says:

    Well done Megan. I really like that they do and have hot chocolate and biscuits!

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