The phost that can metal

November 21st, 2017 | Posted by Oscar in 100wc | Learning

One day there was a boy well a boy that can tern into a phost and he normaly comes out at hallaween. He has a spesall power that he can tern himselgf ore somthing else into metal.

He normaly dose it on his mom ore dad when he’s about to get told of.One day there was a group of people going for a walk and phost folowd them.

There was some kids to and one of them nealy spoted but he turnd to metall in a flash between 2 trees .Suprisengly the phost tried to tern back but he would’t move so we all just saw him there.

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  • Joshua says:

    Oscar can you tell me your ider’s please .BYE

  • Jusden (Team 100) says:

    Hi Oscar,

    A really good story! This is a really great piece of mystery writing. The character you form has got a certain playfulness about him, which contrasts against the otherwise mystery theme. I can relate to this as I love reading mystery novels and watching films of such kind, where there is often a mix of light humor and horror to make it even more shocking. I think the way you describe the character as having powers among the otherwise normal aspects of the town keeps in line with this. The specific description like that of his powers and the metal make the piece believable. The way he gets caught however does seem like a fitting ending. Keep up the good work!

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