The Queen’s Crumpet

November 27th, 2017 | Posted by Millicent in Learning

Once upon a time the Queen owned a bakery. Her chef baked the best crumpets for her peoples’ breakfast, but one day the chef made a huge mistake! He baked a gigantic crumpet and somehow the crumpet grew legs and it walked into a wall! But, because it was so big and heavy it made a hole in the wall!

It was night time, so the queen didn’t know about this until the morning, when she said “what’s that?” The chef said nothing.  The queen glanced at him, he admitted “fine it was me”.   Just then, the queen’s children came and bounced on the crumpet. They then walked up some steps and took massive bites out of it!  Suddenly, they all disappeared into the crumpet and they carried on taking bites out of it, but the chef kept adding more ingredients in! The chef quietly said to himself “hmm… success, it looks like I didn’t make a mistake at all, the Queen’s children love it!”

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