the sacred temple !?

April 30th, 2019 | Posted by Wesley in Learning

One day , in the mysterious city of Asgard at the sacred temple , A amnestying named Thor knelt down to do his prayers until an ambush start ed by his sister , Vedra .  He felt devastated as he thought about all his people getting killed bye his sister and took to the doungens . Although all his people ran into an escape pod and they flew away to go and call hulk to come andsave the people .

3hours later …

hulk had arrived and he had come to save the world by smashing his sister as he clenched his fists ready for impact ! Thor was explains not to kill her as she was part of his family . Her eyes watered as she saw that hulk was was going to crush her to smithereens .

To Be Continued !

(More about the temple to be revealed !)

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