The Secret Key

March 13th, 2019 | Posted by Ella in 100wc | Learning

Once there was a girl called Jane. Jane loved to explore and have adventures. She had a dog called Tim and lived next to a forest. One day she was walking Tim when she stumbled on a rock. On closer inspectoin it was an X ! ”Treasure!”Jane yelled and started to dig. Tim joined in too. A minute later there was a key. Were was the key hole? Why was it there? She did not know but an adventure awaited. Her dad had told her that the old berch tree is a secret. So she ran there and the key hole was right there!…IT OPENED! But it was …empty.What a suprise! This mystery has remained for 100 years. Will it be solved?…


The End

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  • Dad says:

    I think the key must need a special person to open the lock…… has Jane got a brother or sister who might have the magic power? Or maybe there is a special way to open it ; 3 turns left, 2 turns right, jiggle a bit and push!!
    Another great start to a story Ella well done.

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