the sneak that catches little boys

November 21st, 2017 | Posted by Reggie in 100wc | Learning

One day there was a boy called sammy.he loved halloween however it was one day before halloween.He went to bed and he was so excited!sammy went to bed and in the morning he saw his halloween costume and he said i’m going to get loads of sweets.It was halloween and he said to himself i’m  going to my friends house so he went there!On the way he saw a wierd looking thing on the adge of the pavement.he went to it and touched it and it jumped out at him he through his sweets at the black coated person and he suddenly…vanished.

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  • Joshua says:

    Reggie you need to make a less scary stroey because it really scard me..

  • Oscar says:

    Well done that was amasing just remember capital leters

  • Jackie Cameron says:

    I do like the way writers all over the world use the prompt in different ways. So far you’re the first I’ve read to put a Halloween spin on it Reggie. A great idea.
    Try to find time to read your work, preferably aloud, before you publish – can you find the part you might have changed had you done this?
    I wonder who disappeared at the end – Sammy or the black coated (I like that description) person.
    Thanks for sharing.
    Jackie (Team 100WC)
    New Plymouth,New Zealand

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