The Strange Boy by Cameron Millen

May 23rd, 2017 | Posted by Cameron in Learning

‘This game is boring!’ Sam shouted as he threw it onto the floor of Joes bedroom. Joe wasn’t impressed as he lent down to pick it up.

‘I’m sure it gets better in level 2’, he said hoping for the best. He plugged the game back into the console and it began to load. The screen started to flicker and bang they were sucked straight in to the game. Immediately, they found a strange and usual but immensely adventurous boy. The boy had a green face and tenticle like arms and his feet looked a little bit like a racoons feet. Joe asked him who he was: there was no answer. So he thought to himself, this boy cannot speak our language.
In fear, the boys tenticles started reaching and scooped Sam and Joe up like eggs in a chicken coop. Suddenly teeth as sharp as a razors came towards them. As fast as lightening an arrow pierced the boy monster in the chest and he fell to the ground releases Joe and Sam. To their surprise they could make out two figures in the distance: who were they and what would happen next?

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