The Tin shed where nobody goes

July 3rd, 2018 | Posted by Lucy in Learning

D0wn at the bottom of my great grandpa garden behind the brambles and trees, I have never been allowed to play.

One day when Grandpa was busy weeding I crept ever so quietly behind the bushes and went into the shed. It smelt funny and felt all damp, I walked into a spider web and that made  me jump.

I brushed it off my face and let my eyes get used to the darkness. I could see a little window, I went up to the window and used my t shirt to clean and let the light in.

As the sunlight lit up the room I was amased at what I saw, my grandpas war medals, part of aeroplanes, his uniform and lots of pictures I saw grandpa in some of these pictures.

I hear a noise behind me “what are you doing” it was grandpa.

“Grandpa”I said “this is amazing, why have we never been in here before”

Grandpa went on to tell me how he fought in the war and rescued and lost some of his friends. He kept everything in here as the memories were too Sad but he also remembered the good memories.

I told Grandpa “we should move this into the house” Grandpa disagreed. I didnt say anymore as I could see the tears in his eyes.

“Grandpa” he looked at me, “I love hearing about all your stories from now on when I ever I hear a plane in the sky I will remember all the wonderful things you told me”.

“thank you” grandpa said “I would really like that”

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