the truth

April 30th, 2019 | Posted by Alice in Learning

Once a upon a time well you’d think I’m lying but NO this is the truth once a upon a time lived a lonely boy called Sasha he had a VERY boring life because he lived on the dirty streets of London every day he’d get £5 he spent it on food and water .



One day the richest boy came past and said “hello boy please come with me “and so he did 10 years later when he was 18 he decided he’d run away and he ran and ran . suddenly he could see a beautiful castle and went inside the castle and looked around the majestic castle . Suddenly, out of the blue, a misterious door appared.As this door was right infront of him , he decided to go in. In this new misterious room was empty but only a book he could see . on the book is said spell book. the day went past and he learnt how to do all of the spells. He became the worlds best wisard. The end .

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