The Weird Holiday

July 4th, 2017 | Posted by Ana in Learning

Finally, the day had arrived and the Smiths, got out of bed and made some yummy bacon sandwich’s. But the two children (Grace and Sophie) had a sausage sandwich instead. ” Come on girls we need to go now, otherwise we will be late for our flight,” pleaded their Mum. ” All right, we are coming Mum.” said Grace and Sophie, at the same time.

Suddenly, the plane landed and the Smiths, got a big fright!” AAAAAAHHHHHH!” they screamed. “SSSSSSSHHHHHHH,” said all the other passengers. ” Sorry,” the Smiths said. When the plane stopped and the doors opened, everyone came rushing out. ” Come on let’s go and find a taxi.” shouted their Mum over the noise!

Finally, the morning had come and the Smiths went out for their morning walk. ” Oh look, there  is a lighthouse!” shouted Sophie with pride. ” Can we cross the bridge and go and have a closer look?” asked Grace. “Ok, come on let’s go and have a look,” answered theire Mum. They walked across the bridge and took a closer look at the lighthouse. ” Look at all these pretty patterns,” said their Dad.

Suddenly, the icy bridge turned into a horrible, spicky, monster! ” AAAAHHHHH!” screamed the Smiths. They had to think of a plan and quick….

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