The Werewolf

February 8th, 2016 | Posted by Lily in english | Homework | Learning | Learning at home | Stories

Once there lived a girl called  Maddy she was very beautiful and graceful . She had brown hair. Also at night she turned into a brown wolf  so she had to climb out the window in to the woods. There was a problem though that one of her friends was a wolf hunter and she went out to the woods at 12:00pm .

At school maddy had a friend called Rhydian he was also a wolfblood so he had to do the same as Maddy . She hasnt done her full transform yet and it was tomorrow night. It was the day of Maddy’s full transformation of a wolf but sadly she wasn’t with her parents to do it because she was on a school trip .Her parents would have transformed because they are also wolfblood’s, then they found out that she was with the wolf hunter Shanon ! So Rydian tryed to hurt his self so Maddy could transform with her parents but then…




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