The world of hulo

May 5th, 2017 | Posted by Janko in Learning

One day a hulo with is like a bee but giant make a egg then There was a swarm of them.They attacked because they want revenge on there master who turned him into a hulo. When they busted in the swarm however, groot with the guardians defeated some however that was worthless it was like the end of the WORLD! groot said (i am groot) if they defeated one they grow back bigger than normal it was crazy. Everyone ran for there live it was the end of the world actually. The people hated it no one was gonna survive this swarm. It felt like it however it didn’t happen when the guardians of the galaxy gone in the core of the hulo the tried to get in. Groot could get in and he keeps pointing at the wrong button on the bomb. Finally,  he gone down to the core while star lord was detracting the boss hulo when groot reached the core groot pressed the stitches and the right button it gave them 5 mins to escape however it looked like he was gonna die all of a sudden. his dad rescued him because rocket raccoon gave him a jet pack and then his father froze but his son survived because the father game him a special suit that  made him survive it. It was the ultimate sacrifice sadly. They did a funeral. Then the hulo ended the end…

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