The Yeti And The Lighthouse

July 4th, 2017 | Posted by Megan in Learning

One day, Ocean the yeti set out on a tiny yacht to begin her new job as a lighthouse keeper.  As she pulled the yacht up onto the pebbly bank she noticed a towering bridge behind her leading to a great, big, red lighthouse.  Suddenly, a lady named Ella came up onto the bank and welcomed Ocean to Scotland.  Ella explained that she was going to be Ocean ‘s lighthouse keeper teacher.  Ocean spent months in Scotland learning how to use a lighthouse.  One night, she was in the tower turning on the light when she remembered a fun way to get down the lighthouse without using the steps. She pushed a button and a slide slid down to the bank.  Ocean slid down and remembered that she had to go home that night.  When she got home she felt more confident in a lighthouse than ever before!!!

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