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October 23rd, 2018 | Posted by Daisy in Learning

This is about what i’v enjoyed this term in school.

Entry point 1) At the entry point our teacher let us bring any devise we want including a phone,nintenode,tablets and more.We all enjoyed play on our devise evan though we didnt have wifi.

Pixel art 2) A week ago we did some pixle art we had some pictures and we coped the art onto a sheet of our own.

Big writes 3) All around this term we have been doing big writes.Big writes are when your teacher gives you a picture and you write a story about that picture.

Comprehension 4) This year we have been doing comprehension when you have a story and answer questions from a sheet its not as easy as you think you have to write full sentences like “He put glue on the tree on Wednesday.”

Bye for now 😀 by daisy

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