Welcome to JOOJOO! 1

April 30th, 2019 | Posted by Heath in 100wc | Learning

Once in JOOJOO Jim was on a tour, “look out for the Umbel tribe, there feathery vultures. In the No-lake lives the Taboo-Napoo the evil red sea serpents. The ground is home to voles and doles, a rat like kangaroo.” The tour guide roars. There are crystal caves, snowy peaks, swampy marshes.

“ROAR!” Cried the Umbel chief. Its teeth bared. Jim was bitten! It was midnight on Earth, and Jim felt like a vulture but feathery-er. He was a were-Umbel! The flew and bit everyone, on dates, midnight workings, drives and sleepwalks. They all became were-Umbels they taken over the world…

By Heath.


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