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May 10th, 2017 | Posted by Janko in Learning

One day when a monkey was climbing a tree in the forest in which he lived,in a tree.One day he went to a barber in the town and said: please can i have a hair cut. Can it be short the barber people said: ok you can have a haircut he sat down and had a haircut after the haircut he had hair super short he liked it. When he was walking down town everyone was looking at him because his hair was beautiful. They were jealous of his hair. Suddenly everyone gone the the barber and wanted a haircut so they wouldn’t be jealous at the end the barber was rich however the haircut gone wrong.There was some sort of acid in the scissors then the hair gone chubby. They all wanted to go to the barber however it was closed. The acid in there was acid that only makes money hair short and the others where different animals.

The barber gone because they were rich enough to go to a mansion and live for their for their live in a mansion they bought everything they have over a billion £. There was 1 only barber but it took 10 hours to drive and it is impossible to get there by driving no one lives there because it costs 1bill £ to get a haircut. However It was a beautiful lake surrounded by lush green grasses, beautiful trees, mountains and sweetest, tastiest jamun trees. There lived a monkey on one of the jamun trees . located near the lake that was where the barber was no one could get there. The monkey was a barber to.


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And http://www.kidsworldfun.com/the-monkey-and-the-crocodile.php

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